28. Feb, 2018

Clarity on healing

Healing is something that has been coming up a lot for me just lately. We all want to heal the parts of ourselves that we see as broken and many of us want to heal others too.

There are so many levels of this topic that need to be addressed. To start with, exactly what is a healer? Is it a doctor of Western medicine who prescribes a pill and suddenly everything is perfect again? Is it someone who digs into the psychological aspects of our problems and helps us to find clarity in order to solve that problem? Is it a herbalist that gives us access to natural remedies to fix our broken systems? Or is it a spiritual healer who uses more esoteric means to make us whole again?

In my opinion a healer is someone who guides us to access our own power in order to heal the parts of ourselves which we want to change. Healing, in the true sense, is not about one person doing something TO another but about working together to produce the desired change. And this definition really encompasses all good practitioners of the abovementioned healing modalities.

Is the ability to heal others something that can be taught? I've seen advertisements for these types of courses recently and I'm concerned. I'm concerned that people are being offered a quick fix and instant gratification in short courses. And I'm terribly concerned about the people who will be on the receiving end of these healers.

You see, being a healer isn't about knowing the theory of a specific healing modality. Being a healer is about learning to channel your own gift of healing. It's about approaching people with hard earned empathy which we often only develop by being broken ourselves.

I don't doubt that those who want to heal do so with the best intentions and with absolute love. That's wonderful. But when we heal someone, it's not about removing the symptoms. That will only be effective for a limited period. When we heal others fully we need to be able to root out the causes of their pain, take it on ourselves and then guide them to the doors they need to open in order to get rid of that pain permanently.

It's a long fall into a very deep abyss when we take on the task of healing ourselves and others holistically. Let's make sure it's a journey we're equipped to take.

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