15. Mar, 2018

Mama's Home

We're two days away from our Mama's Home - Sacred Feminine group discussion and I'm really excited!

More and more I'm feeling this beautiful feminine energy waking up, not just in me and those around me but in the earth itself. It's like that Goddess power is emerging from a really long sleep, stamping her feet on the floor and making it known that she's here and she's not messing around.

Suddenly the things in our patriarchal society that used to make me intensely angry and despondent seem completely solvable. The anger is still there (make no mistake) but now I know that there's a sell by date for the bullshit. Women are waking up and men are rising up alongside us to support us in reclaiming our power. And those beautiful conscious men know that this is something that will make their lives better too. We're not a threat to those who are in touch with their own sacred masculinity because we complement each other so well.

So ladies and gentlemen, let your own feet hit the floor today and feel the power as that sound reverberates into our homes, offices and communities. We're awake and we're starting to change the world!