16. Mar, 2018

This is my boundary

It's a (relatively) early morning post today. Did I tell you how much I'm loving this getting my ass into gear early thing? Okay, so I'm easily distracted. That having been said I feel in my soul that this post is going to get a whole lot more serious. I can't seem to decide if it's going to be about self respect, boundaries, the SACRED feminine or harassment. So what the hell! Let's touch on all of them.

Ever noticed how sometimes you accept a friend request from a woman on Facebook and suddenly you start getting all these weird, random friend requests from men who don't seem to have any connection to you, to the country you live in or any friends except her? Often followed by message requests that are wildly inappropriate? Yeah... we're living in a time when it's become acceptable to sell your soul (and your self-respect) for likes and comments on social media. Let me ask you this... when you walk down the street and a bunch of men catcall you and make lewd comments, does it make you feel anything but repulsed? So why is it that women (I'm generalising) seek out the social media equivalent?

It's time for us to start respecting ourselves so much and honouring the sacred femininity we hold to such a degree that we no longer seek out approval and validation from random strangers. This is all part of the generational feminine wound and for fuck's sake, it's time to dig out the infection, apply an antiseptic and allow ourselves to heal.

So today I want to tell you that it's okay to say, "You're not being appropriate". It's okay to say, "Show me some respect and I'll show you respect in return". It's okay to say, "Hell no!".

It's okay to decide that your self respect is more important than the two minute buzz you get out of some stranger telling you you're "hot". And it's more than okay to start loving yourself so much that you don't need other people to tell you that you're worthwhile.