19. Mar, 2018

Strength in Unity

Mama came home on Saturday morning... she brought muffins... and chips... and cupcakes... and all sorts of delicious snacky thingies. It's amazing how we, as women, instinctively feed each other. What was more amazing this past Saturday was observing how women from diverse backgrounds feed each other's souls, lift each other up and support each other.

We touched on a few topics relating to the feminine wound but there is still so much to talk about. I was truly humbled by the stories told and by the sheer courage it took to relate experiences that are very tough to talk about.

One thing in particular became abundantly clear. As strong women, we have overcome situations in our lives that would bring other people to their knees. This is what makes us the people we are. We develop our strength through struggle and in doing so, become people that others rely on for support. But, when we become those pillars of strength for others, we become more alone in our own challenges. Who lifts the strong when they fall? This is why it's such a joy to see women finding their tribe, their sisters in strength, the people who will hold space for them when they crumble.

I want to thank each of the beautiful, strong women who shared space with me on Saturday. My life is richer for having you in it. My world is brighter because nobody dims your shine. Welcome to our tribe... it's about damn time!