20. Mar, 2018


One of the subjects touched on at last Saturday's discussion group was related to our childhoods and how those experiences have coloured our attitudes towards ourselves as women and towards the people around us.

To me, this is the source of the feminine wound in our lives as individuals. During our childhood, the centuries old patriarchal conditioning is perpetuated through well meaning (and sometimes not-so-well-meaning) mothers. Take a moment to think about how your own mother approached the topics of menstruation, sexuality, fertility and relationships with you.

Even the most open minded mothers would very likely have painted their daughters as powerless in the face of the male sexual onslaught. Phrases like, "boys will use you for one thing if you let them", "why buy the cow if the milk is free" come to mind. How much power does that take away from girls and the women they become? Where is the concept of women not relying on men to plot their lives?

We grow up with shopping lists of things to achieve in order to be perceived as successful women... get married, have children, have a career, buy a house, own a car, be upwardly financially mobile. We get so bogged down in these lists that we forget to find our purpose. We forget that our greatest strength is our ability to connect to our innate feminine power. As a woman, I have the power of creation within me. I am able to birth not just babies, but relationships, art, beauty and magic. We are innately powerful beings and when we connect with that power it increases and starts to influence the world around us.

When we connect with our feminine power we teach those around us to respect and honour us and no longer have to demand respect, equality and fair treatment. It is given to us automatically because we become forces to be reckoned with in our own right. This is the power women held in ancient civilisations where they were revered for their wisdom and their abilities to heal and nurture and cultivate. Our modes might have changed and this world may now be modern but it's time to stop denying our incredible inner light and start basking in it.

It's time to crumple up the shopping lists and live according to our own inner compasses. It's time to stop feeling as though our lives are shaped by the men around us and remember that we are able to shape our own lives in such a way that we benefit humanity now and for generations to come.