27. Mar, 2018

The voices in our heads

Yesterday's post touched very briefly on the concept of listening generously. I'm sure that we've all heard how important it is to listen completely to what someone is telling you instead of listening with half an ear while thinking of our response. As with everything in life, it's a conscious decision to listen wholeheartedly and I know that every one of us is guilty of not always doing it. 

Having said that, I wonder how many of us apply this concept to ourselves? We're so busy ignoring our own inner voices that many of our lessons and opportunities for growth pass by unnoticed. We think of me-time as selfish (especially when we have families to care for) but it is beyond essential to take time out for ourselves if we hope to experience any type of spiritual or emotional growth. 

Even when we meditate we silence our thoughts in order to open ourselves up to messages from beyond. How about we acknowledge the power of our higher selves... our authentic self? We know the answers to so many of our deepest questions but because we struggle to take the time to pay attention to what our inner voice is telling us we continue to battle to find answers that are staring us right in the face. 

So today when you take time to listen to messages from the Universe, take a little bit of extra time to listen to the beautiful being that is you. Open your ears to your authentic self and to the wisdom you carry in every cell of your body. Tap into the wealth of knowledge that you have carried in your DNA since birth and watch how much clearer your view of life becomes. 

Your life could become crystal clear if you would only discard the belief that wisdom comes from gurus while we sit at their feet. Nobody knows you better than you and nobody carries as much knowledge about the experiences that have shaped you than you yourself.