27. Mar, 2018

Control? I don't think so

So often, (and dare I say it?) in our wonderful mish mash of South African cultures, relationships devolve into toxicity and power struggles because one partner feels that they should be in control or attempts to exert control over the other partner and household. 

Once we are awakened we understand the need to develop true partnerships based on equality and respect but so often we are either already in a relationship with someone who doesn't understand this concept or we fall in love with someone who has not evolved to the point where a relationship is not about power, control or ownership.

There is a post doing the rounds on Facebook to the effect that those who are not on your vibrational level simply vibrate out of your life and because you are operating at a higher vibration it doesn't bother you. I don't agree with any of that. The only people who we don't care about whether or not they leave are strangers. And the people who are attracted to us tend to be attracted to the vibration we exude. They don't vibrate out. They either spend a long time trying to drag us backwards or they eventually vibrate UP. So don't let that particular post make you feel as though you aren't spiritually good enough if you are in the type of relationship where control is a factor. 

It's time to make it clear that we will not tolerate partnerships that are not based on respect and equality. It's time to let people know that nobody is forcing them to stay with us and "help" us and if they aren't prepared to have a strong, evolved relationship then they are welcome to leave. Yes, we'll hurt. Yes, we'll miss them. But controlling another human being whether it be by withholding kindness, sex or money is NEVER okay. Keeping another human being in the dark because you "don't want them to worry" is not okay. It's control and it's telling an individual that they are too fragile and weak to deal with what you deal with. 

It's time for us to find our voices and let people know that our lives won't be poorer if we aren't under their control... but maybe their lives will be poorer when we no longer tolerate their behaviour and find joy in being alone again.