4. Apr, 2018

Bitter tastes

I considered writing about Mercury Retrograde today but I've decided that I'm all Mercuried out. I'm tired of the bullshit so let's talk about other things. 

Recent events here in South Africa have made me think about how we view others and their actions. There is so much ancient wisdom about not being judgemental and we happily quote it when it applies to others judging us but maybe it's time we took a good, long, hard look at our own judgement of others. 

Nobody is on the same journey as you and you therefore also do not understand anybody else's journey fully. The choice to love unconditionally means that we are not entitled to voice how we would have reacted differently to situations we have never been in. The fact is, if it didn't happen to you, make an effort to close your lips and not give voice to the opinion that is dying to come out... at least in public. By all means, talk to those who are close to you so that you can process your thoughts but never make the mistake of assuming that your public judgement doesn't cause harm. 

We walk a fine line these days between speaking our truth and not causing offense. I'll be the first to say that people are unnecessarily offended by EVERYTHING these days. I'll be the first to say that people need to put on their big girl panties (I'll lend them mine - they've got pockets) and get over themselves. What I do want to point out though, is that conscious human beings need to be aware of their motivations for speaking what is on their minds. We need to realise that the eyes of our communities are on us and that it is our responsibility to ourselves to live what we speak. So if we're all about love and light, then best we make sure that we portray that. 

So as we march into our Facebook/Insta/real worlds, let's look inward at the words we choose to give voice to and remember that when we speak hatred and vitriole it damages others and ourselves at the same time.