5. Apr, 2018

Anger is a beautiful thing

I'm tired of all the love and light posts I see on my Facebook timeline about letting go of anger because it damages you more than the person you are angry with. By all means let go! By all means return to a positive state! 

What is never mentioned though, is that anger is not an emotion, it is a process. It serves a purpose and it is vital to the process of emotional healing. Yes, we are spirit beings having a human experience. Yes, Source is a pure vibration. Let's not forget though, that the human experience involves being human and we need to experience that in its fullness. We cannot be positive and happy all the time. Positivity and happiness in excess don't teach us many lessons. We came here to learn and it's time we let go of the "I refuse to experience any of the negative emotions" crap so that we can be taught. 

Anger is hard, uncomfortable and not something we can live quietly with. As I've said though, it's essential to our healing. Like all things, it's not the anger itself that is a problem, it's what we do with it. 

We have a choice to allow our anger to be destructive, in which case it devolves into hate or we can use the anger as a catalyst for our development. As soon as it becomes a building brick on the path to evolution, that anger begins to transmute into love and acceptance. 

Anger can be used as motivation to overcome obstacles, to make changes and to examine our own reactions to situations and people. When we direct the anger we feel towards someone into a positive action such as expressing our feelings and making a change we are growing... either ourselves or our relationships. Anger allows us to lay boundaries and boundaries create respect, whether it be respect from others or respect for ourselves. There is healing and release to be found in communicating our anger with respect and love for others. There is huge relef in telling someone that we are angry and this is why. They may not understand but the act of opening our hearts allows us to start to release the pressure applied to us by the world we live in and start opening up the cracks in our souls to allow more joy in. 

So take some time today to acknowledge your anger so that you can start using it wisely. Open those wounds and allow yourselves to feel. We have been told for so long that anger is bad that we have denied our own anger and covered it up. It hasn't gone anywhere and it isn't changing and nothing else will change until we take the first step on the road to healing by actually acknowledging what is inside us and realising that we can change, we can grow and we can transmute all things into a manifestation of our best life.