6. Apr, 2018

Balancing independence

I have taken pride in my independence for so long that it's become an integral part of me. I describe myself as an independent woman. I've taken such pride in my independence that asking for help when I need it seems like something more difficult than climbing Everest. 

But the world is not about extremes and life is not about being unbalanced so the Universe has a way of teaching us little lessons to bring us back to centre. We call it being humbled but it's really more like being knocked flat on your ass... in public... with video cameras trained on you.

Deep in meditation yesterday I was reminded that I need to ask for help if I need it. I was reminded of how much it hurts those who love us if we ignore the help that they so want to extend. I know I've done this recently and it's a lesson that I now need to learn. 

As always, and this is a key factor at Soulflight, identifying the problem is the first step. Finding its roots and digging those out is where the healing really begins. And planting a new habit is where the healing comes to fruition. 

There are those of us who were raised to be independent, others see independence as an act of rebellion and so they fly that flag as high as they possibly can. And still others see their independence as necessary because they have been let down by those on whom they depended in the past. I suppose I'm a mix of the second and third. 

So to address this I need to understand that I no longer need to rebel as I have nothing to prove any more. I also need to learn that I am not the only person who can be trusted and that I should have faith in those around me. If that faith is misguided then I need to replace those people with people who actually belong in my space. I suppose a fear of loss comes into that. 

What this comes down to is that people are not always going to behave as we behave and that is okay. It's more than okay, it's the natural state for everyone to be different. The fact is that if we ask for help but don't specify how we want to be helped then maybe we just need to be grateful for whatever help we get instead of bitching that people didn't help us the way we needed to be helped. 

So let's walk this journey towards balance in all things together. I'd love to hear from you about your extremes and how you are working back towards the centre. 

Wishing every single one of you a beautiful weekend, filled with love and joy. Thank you for being in my space.