10. Apr, 2018


There is a time for work and a time to return to stillness. Read it again. There is a time to be still. Most of us have no problem with the work part and we THINK we have no problem with the other side of it. Work hard, play hard, right? How about no?

Here's the thing... we work our jacksies off Monday to Friday and then the weekend hits and it flies past at the speed of light because we run around like headless chickens trying to get all the fun stuff (and not so fun stuff) crammed into the few hours we have. We're not still though. We're happy and we're enjoying ourselves but we're not still. 

When was the last time you sat down on a patch of grass and just listened? When was the last time you sat with a cup of coffee and watched as the world became lighter? Alone? Or did you do it while you spoke to someone else?

Stillness and speech don't make good partners. When you're speaking or listening to someone else your inner voice is silenced. Stillness allows us to reconnect with our inner wisdom. Complete stillness allows us to reconnect with the wisdom of the Divine. 

Meditation is wonderful but even while we meditate there is a type of pressure that we apply to ourselves. We push ourselves to be still instead of just allowing ourselves to become still. There's a difference between the two, you know. You can either be still or you can sink into and become part of the stillness. And when you become part of the stillness, the earth speaks to you. 

I challenge you today to take five minutes to allow the stillness to wrap itself around you, to meld itself into your bones so that you can become a part of it. Sink into that beauty and feel the peace and listen to the voice of the Divine. What is it telling you?