12. Apr, 2018

Time of your life

How much attention do we pay to the way we feel every minute of the day? How much attention do we pay to the joy we choose to allow into our lives? Because, let's face it, joy is a choice. It's a product of the decisions we make from moment to moment. It's how we choose to live each day.

We wake up in the morning and choose our attitude for the day. Yes, you've heard that before. Let's take it a step further... the attitude we choose each morning is based on the decisions we've made up until that moment. The job we go to or the home we stay in is due to our deciding that this is the way we want to live our lives. The people we surround ourselves with are the people we have allowed to share our space. 

Many of us feel as though these factors are out of our control but I challenge you to face up to the fact that your powerlessness is an excuse. It's hard to haul yourself out of a comfort zone but if you're waking up in the morning feeling miserable then maybe your comfort zone isn't as comfortable as you thought it was. 

Change is terrifying, isolating yourself from a support base is scary and starting over is enough to make most people run screaming for the hills. Sometimes though, that is exactly what it takes. It's part of breaking our cycles, our patterns. There comes a time when you have to sit yourself down and decide that today is the day the bullshit ends instead of waiting for someone else to push you in the right direction.

How often have you said, "this is the last time I'll put up with this"? How often have you followed through? Do you know the absolute joy and freedom it brings when you actually stay true to your word? Do you know that it's never too late? 

Here's the thing... we hang on to things and people that aren't meant for us because we're afraid of having an empty space in our lives. What I've discovered though, is that when you let go and create that empty space that you were so scared of, the Universe has a funny way of filling it really quickly with something that actually fits its shape and makes you feel damn good on top of it. 

What are you hanging on to? A job you hate? A family member who mistreats you? A childhood friend who just isn't good for you any more? I want you to think about how much that is holding you back. Imagine a life where that was replaced with something or someone who actually brought real, deep joy. 

Maybe it's time to assess what is in your life. Maybe it's time to realise that if you're not having the time of your life you can make changes that will affect your attitude towards this time you have in this body. If you're not loving your life then it's time you started. The clock is ticking.