19. Apr, 2018

Sometimes it seems too much

Patience was a very hard lesson for me to learn. No, harder than that... harder... harder... there you have it. It took being slapped sideways, upside down and inside out for me to finally slow down and stop expecting everything to happen immediately.

Mercury retrograde has been a test of what I learned there. Did anyone else experience things slowing down completely? Did anyone else watch as things came to a complete standstill? I know it happened for me and I can now honestly look back and say that I let it happen and I waited in the knowledge that what I needed would come in its time. 

Now that Mercury is shifting back to happier things I'm noticing all sorts of changes and opportunities coming my way. Of course, it's like a bottleneck has been cleared and now everything is hitting at once.

So how do we react when we're overwhelmed? It seems that most people have one of two reactions - they either buckle down or they are frozen in place unable to do anything. I suppose we don't need to help the bucklers so this post isn't really for them... Keep buckling. Freezers, feel free to read!

So let's talk about those days when we freeze, when we feel like getting out of bed and into the shower is more than we can manage. How do we deal with that? I can already hear people offering advice about doing one thing at a time or getting the easiest or hardest thing done quickly so that there's a feeling of achievement that inspires more. When you're crippled by anxiety even that is impossible. 

Here's my take. When everything seems impossible, it's time to shift focus. Don't pressure yourself to do the things you know you have to do. Those things already seem like hills to climb so don't turn them into mountains. When there is no time to meditate or take care of yourself you need to set aside extra time to do exactly that. Make a cup of tea, go and sit under a tree or somewhere else that makes you feel safe. Take paper and a pen. Write down what makes you feel happy. 

When we change our focus to the things that bring us joy, anxiety is driven out (my experience anyway). Once our focus is changed then we can start tackling things bit by bit. We need to stop allowing all the things calling us to cause us stress. You're allowed to say no. You're allowed to take a bit of time for just you. You're allowed to make yourself a priority. 

I know that my anxiety was never caused by anything other than external stressors. Those were the triggers and anxiety was my reaction. Reach a point where you slow down your reaction and you will notice that you start to choose it consciously. Right there is where you move from being under pressure to being in a space where you are proud of your productivity. 

So don't forget to include some time in your schedule for you. You're not too busy, you're just too busy making excuses not to. You are your own most important tool. Wield it well.