19. Apr, 2018


We all need a willing ear when we go through dark times. We all need someone who will listen and love us through them. We all need someone to hold space for us.

Do we realise though, that in asking for that we are obliged to give something in return? I'm obviously not talking about money. When we need someone to listen and when we ask for advice it is our responsibility to take the time to listen to what is said to us. We don't need to follow advice but a simple acknowledgement will do. I realise that it's a big ask. I realise that dark times make us unmindful of those around us. 

Here's the thing... you can't ask someone for help and then ignore the help they offer completely. If you want something specific then communicate that clearly so that the energy exchange is transparent and honest. 

So often when we ask for advice, we don't actually want advice, we want someone to tell us what we want to hear. If that's what you're after then it's probably best not to ask someone like me. I would rather tell you the hard truth and help you pick up the pieces than sugar coat bullshit so that you can walk away smiling and in the dark. 

It all comes back to not listening generously and listening generously is the energy exchange that should take place when you ask for advice. If you're not prepared to listen then it's best not to ask. 

Let's bear that in mind next time we want to use someone as a sounding board. Yes - they will likely agree but bear in mind, if you aren't listening then you shouldn't be asking.