23. Apr, 2018

Being thankful

My thoughts are running from topic to topic today. I feel like I have so much to say and think I'll probably just write a thousand posts and schedule them nicely so that you don't all get hit by a tsunami.

So this post isn't going to be so much about what is on my mind but what is on my heart. Today I am filled with gratitude and sure that gratitude encompasses many material things. But most of all I am so completely overcome by the beautiful people I have in my life. I have a sister who, without hesitation, gives to others. She gives of herself to people who don't understand how much it takes. She gives her tears to people and animals who experience hardship. She gives what money she has to ensure that others don't lack. She gives other material things to ensure that the people she loves can be comfortable and function. 

So this makes me think of the nature of gratitude. I'm pretty sure that the people on the receiving end of what she gives say thank you (or I'll beat them personally) and that's wonderful. It's important and it should never stop. But how often do we allow that gratitude to well up from deep inside ourselves?

So many people have adopted this "attitude of gratitude" and I think it's good and healthy to become aware of our blessings and to say thank you for them. I think very often it becomes a habit or a chore that people want to get done so that they can attract more of the same. 

I think the feeling of true gratitude is very much like the feeling of true love. It bubbles up from deep inside us and overcomes our entire being until we can't help but speak it. And that, my beautiful souls, is exactly when and how we should be expressing gratitude. Not out of habit but out of true appreciation. 

So this week, find someone to really express that to. Find someone and let them be overcome by how YOU feel. Let's spread that love and that gratitude. Let's start making the world slightly happier by touching souls. 

Shuveny, I am so grateful for YOU and for all that you do. I'm grateful for the love and acceptance and assistance. But most of all I'm grateful to journey with your soul and that you are my sister. 

Nick, I am so grateful for YOU and for the love you give my sister and the Nut. I'm grateful for your hands on practical help and for all the little things I see you doing to make life easier.

Jaco, I am so grateful for YOU and for the love you have for me. I'm grateful for the work you're putting in and the way you are pushing yourself to grow into a man who has dug deep and discovered his own sacred masculinity. I'm grateful for the meals and the little spoils. I see them and I see you.