30. Apr, 2018

Opening death's doors

I'm back with a vengeance! And just in time too... to all my Pagan followers: I'd like to wish you a blessed Samhein and a new year filled with joy, bountiful harvests and love. 

And there is no better time than when the veil between worlds is thin to speak about death and loss. 

Loss is a strange thing because we all experience it so differently. There is no "I know how you feel" when we deal with death because what we felt is probably unlike what those around us feel. I'm not going to tell you about the stages of grief... we all know how those go. Has anyone noticed that they are also a spiral? Like so many of our life lessons we revisit them time and again and we grow out of each one and learn more about ourselves each time. 

Isn't that exactly what the death of a loved one does? Aside from the mind numbing agony of it that is? It teaches us. It teaches us about life being finite, about how suddenly our worlds can change, about the memories we want to leave for those around us, about the importance of saying everything when you can. It teaches us about the importance of looking past someone's smile and whispered, "I'm fine" and holding space for them because internal pain can't always be voiced very easily. It teaches us the value of a gentle hand and a warm glance and a listening ear when the time to talk comes. 

So why then, when there are so many valuable lessons to learn from losing those we love, do we fear our own deaths. And do we actually fear our death or do we fear the pain that might bring it or the loss of an opportunity to do the things that we know we have learned we should do but haven't done yet?

I've looked death in the eye a few times in my life and have no more fear of moving on to another existence. I don't long for or welcome death though because there are things that I have yet to see that have not yet come to pass. I think that thoughts of my own death one day are coloured by the things I wish my father had lived to see. I want to stay alive to provide strength for those around me when they need it but the death itself has no power of fear over me and for that I'm grateful.

I'm rambling today but I hope you get the gist of what I'm saying. Take the time to speak the truths that you want others to hear. Be overbearing and hug and kiss the ones you love. Bugger the "ewwww Mom, I'm not a baby any more" responses. End the relationships that don't bring you joy because life is too short to waste time on people who are hellbent on making you miserable. Take a trip to somewhere you've never been and slow the hell down. 

And tonight, light a candle in your window to guide the souls who need to find peace. Light a candle on your alter or your table and honour those who have gone before. Light a spark within yourself and know that your light lights the way for others who you don't even know about. 

Tonight I will do all these things and I will part the veil and speak with those I loved who are no longer on this plane. And if you ever want to speak to your own loved ones and don't know how then message and I will part the veil for you too. 

With Samhein love and blessings