30. Apr, 2018

Sculpting your destiny

Isn't it strange how certain days light a fire under us to start something new? Or to start something afresh? New years day, Mondays, the first day of the month, our birthdays. Some days mark time while others fade into the woodwork. 

So if you need an excuse or a special day then I'll give you one today... The 1st of May marks the first day of the Pagan year. And let me tell you, today is a day that I feel freshly motivated and ready to bring beautiful new things into my life. I can feel an energy surrounding me that whispers of doors unopened and treasures waiting to be found. I feel new hope for so many things and a sense of completion for others. I feel calm in letting go of that which no longer serves me and I feel strong enough to deal with the bumps in the road which we experience whether we want them or not. 

A sense of purpose is a wonderful thing to have. Have you found yours? Do you know how to even begin looking for it? What sets your soul on fire? And why aren't you doing more of it?

We spend a lot of time doing the mundane things that are expected of us as adults in a pressurised world. What if I told you that the pressure is a figment of our own imaginations? Would you argue that you have to put food on a table or a roof over someone's head? What if I told you that you can do these things without it feeling as though it is ripping out your soul? 

Here's the thing... you can do these things and you can allow them to bring joy into your life. Maybe today is the day to sit down with that shopping list of people's expectations of you that sucked the happiness out of your existence. Maybe it's time to start crossing off the things that don't fill you with a sense of joy or even worse, fill you with guilt for not yet having achieved them. 

It's your choice to take this life and mould it into a shape that fills you with delight. It's your choice to give society the finger and shout out that you will do things your way so that you can reach the end of your life and look back with pride and a sense of true accomplishment. 

Success isn't the car you drive, the house you live in or where you shop for your groceries. Success is that feeling when you close your eyes at night that you have lived your day well, that you've made an impact that means something to YOU. 

You are the CEO of your lifetime and it's time to hire and fire and make decisions on your strategy for living. Let today be the day that you throw off the shackles of other people's expectations and you start sculpting the life you live in your dreams.