1. May, 2018

I'm going through changes

You know the best part of being human? It's the ability to change. We can change our appearance (to a point). We can change our minds. We can change our beliefs. We can change our likes and dislikes. We can change our circumstances.

Very often we get mired in these situations that we can't seem to find a way out of. We get depressed and feel hopeless. The fact is that with a little bit of effort all that can change. If you don't like the particular pile of poo that you think you're stuck in then take a step out of it.

Because that really is all it takes... one step in the right direction, then another and another and eventually you can't even smell the poo you were standing in. Okay, enough of the poo analogy. 

I can already hear the voices raised telling me that I don't understand and that you're so deep in trouble that you can't get out. I get that it feels completely overwhelming and I get that it feels like nothing will ever be right again. But here's the thing... nothing is permanent and the first step might not take you to the other end of the rainbow but you'll get there eventually. What's important is that you keep moving. 

I've been in such deep, dark holes that it's felt as though it might be quicker to dig through the earth's core than to climb out. Every single time though, I've made it back to the sunlight. And when I look back there was never some huge event that changed things. It was always one tiny step. 

You see, those tiny steps usually start with big decisions. They start with decisions to no longer be a victim of circumstances. And when you make those decisions, the rest of you has no choice but to move in the right direction in order to keep up. And then the Universe has no choice but to give you a little bit of a shove further in the right direction. 

So change is wonderful. The ability to change your mind, your attitude and your focus is the most wonderful thing ever. And every single one of you has it within themselves to do so. 

What do you want to change today? And what step are you going to take? Know that I'll be here with my pom poms cheering you on.