3. May, 2018

Sacred Masculinity

We've spent so much time talking about the Sacred Feminine and completely neglected the beautiful Divine Masculine deep inside all the men out there.

If anything, the Divine Masculine needs more healing than its feminine counterpart especially with all the rants we're currently seeing crucifying the males of our species. This is NOT about the shortcomings of the male sex. This is not about smashing the patriarchy. This is about looking deep within each man and seeing the value that they bring to our existence. 

The male essence over the past few decades has been eroded and dismissed in the face of feminism. We've been so busy fighting for equality that men have become emasculated. We've hardened ourselves as women and left men fighting to restore the balance by losing their own core masculinity. 

How many of you men feel that you are not allowed to set your inner hunter free to do what it does best? How many of you feel that you can't express your emotions? How many of you feel that you are no longer able to make decisions in your own lives without feeling as though you need permission to do so?

The masculine wound runs so deep, starting with childhood and being taught that tears are for girls or "sissies". It starts with not being able to voice your emotions because "men" aren't emotional and then cuts you off at the knees by not allowing you to express your anger either because you have to allow people to feel comfortable. 

And then we wonder why men reach their teens and lash out violently... all their righteous anger has been suppressed for so long. Every emotion has been hidden. 

Boys who are unable to communicate become men who are unable to communicate. Boys who are told not to feel become men who are unable to voice their feelings. You see, mothers tie their sons to them by forcing them into the role of protector of mommy's feelings and not allowing them to develop their own distinct ways of feeling. Mothers teach their sons that every woman in their lives will have to compete with her because there is no recognition of differing roles. Fathers teach their sons to suffer in silence, to compete to the extreme and that they aren't real men if they can't do everything themselves. 

The world has changed. Our needs have changed, on both sides of the gender divide. We need men who are whole, awake and in touch with their own divinity. We need men who have learned that they are worthy of love and respect and who love and respect themselves. We need men who view their bodies as sacred and no longer allow themselves to be treated as a penis with a wallet. We need men who view their bodies as so sacred that they don't see the sexual act as a conquest but as a merging of sacred energy that results in something far more intense than an orgasm. 

You beautiful, awakening men: the time has come to dig deep and uncover your wounds so we can begin the process of healing them. Because as the Divine Feminine rises so too does the Sacred Masculine. It's time to stand shoulder to shoulder with the feminine warriors to heal humanity. It's time to step up so we can work together and not against each other.