4. May, 2018

Touching lives

I had an encounter recently that made me think of the arrogance of human beings. It made me think of how we focus on one sentence in a whole paragraph and tear it apart because we don't agree with it. It made me think of how we address those disagreements with an air of condescension and then wonder why people distance themselves or don't engage. 

We all know that opinions are like assholes and we all have one. Does having an asshole mean that we have to behave like one? 

In the era of social media, many of us expose our thoughts and our scars to far more people than we would have twenty years ago. It's a double edged sword. There are people who read what I write and (hopefully) feel inspired and there are people who read what I write and hate me without knowing me. 

Every now and then someone, somewhere feels the need to attack my opinion instead of just ignoring what they don't like and scrolling past. And you know what? That's okay. I don't write for those people. I write for the people who read something that resonates with them and helps them along their path. 

For many years I've been aware that I might not be able to change the world. I'm also aware that it is my responsibility and my calling to do everything in my power to touch as many lives as I can. So if something I write brings just one person a little bit of hope or the encouragement to carry on with their journey then I'm doing what I need to do.

I had a moment where I considered just giving in to the nay sayers but I'm here to stay. So I guess my message to you today is this...

Don't stop living your passion because one or two people don't like it or are threatened by it. Those are tests of your resolve. Let it make your resolve stronger and not weaker. Keep on doing what you do best, not for the appreciation but in the hope that you will leave the world a better place than it was yesterday.

In the same breath, thank you to all of those who do seem to understand what I write and who show their appreciation by liking or commenting. You make my world a better place and inspire me to carry on.

Much love