17. May, 2018

Snake in the grass

If you walk up to a rinkhals and try to pet it, are you surprised when you get bitten? I didn't think so. Why is it then, that we associate with poisonous people and are surprised when they hurt us? Any why do we get angry about it?

We can't have it both ways. We want people to be authentic, right? So if that authenticity is something that we consider hurtful, then getting angry is a waste of our energy. Accept and acknowledge that authenticity and remove yourself from the snake pit. Once again, it's about boundaries. 

Let's look at the root of that pain though. Why is it that we are hurt when people behave according to their true nature? Why are we shocked. Here's what I believe... we expect people to behave like we do, to have the same principles when dealing with others. So if we don't lie, cheat and steal; we don't expect other people to do so. If we deal with people with love and sensitivity then we expect the same from them. 

Life doesn't work that way though. Not everybody is like us. So we're confronted with a choice. We can harden ourselves and protect ourselves from everybody or we can soften ourselves and honour their authenticity and when it insults our souls we can walk away and direct our love elsewhere. 

Either choice works. There is no right or wrong... only pros and cons. So let me offer you this today. When you build a high brick wall around your heart, then nobody can get in. When you harden yourself, you become harder on yourself too. As within, so without. When you soften yourself, you will get hurt. But you will also be exposed to so much love and kindness that the hurt fades into the background. 

I myself have chosen the soft path. And along with that soft path, I choose the responsibility for drawing boundaries, for walking away from people and situations that damage me and don't stimulate growth. I take accountability for my actions and responsibility for my reactions. And I know that as much as I love and care for others, they might behave badly. But, at the end of a long day, I will get into bed and sleep sweetly knowing that I was authentic and followed the voice of my soul. Whether others sleep soundly is none of my business. 

Bottom line here is, draw your boundaries. Take responsibility for your reactions, heal your wounds, take comfort in your tribe and let the rest of the world do the same. Not everyone is like you and that, my darlings, is why you have a soul tribe. Treasure them.