17. May, 2018

That little voice

Why is our own advice so bitter to swallow? And why is it so hard to listen to our intuition? I can't count the number of times I've known something to be true deep within the core of my being but I've ignored it to my detriment. 

I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who has battled with this. Time and again people sit down with me for readings and tell me how they have been doing readings for themselves and they just can't bring themselves to believe their own interpretation of their cards. It takes me laying it all out for them to realise that they should have been listening to their gut all along. 

I think that to a degree we all do this. Why is it that we have so little confidence in our inner voices? After all, there is nobody who knows us better than we know ourselves. And yet we constantly look for validation for what we feel. 

I believe this goes back to the wounding (masculine or feminine) that I've spoken of so many times. It starts in our formative years when we have no opinions that are considered worth listening to. At the time when our conscious minds are closest to our souls, we are told that we need to ignore those thoughts. They're just our imagination. Then we go to school where we learn that teachers and books hold all the knowledge. And they do, in academia. But when it comes to life skills and intuitive learning, there is no educational process around it so we are led to believe that these are unimportant. We suppress our instincts and focus on tangibles. 

So we move into adulthood with a wealth of education but very little understanding of ourselves and the value of our spirit. And this is exactly where things start to fall apart. As young adults we make so many bad choices and it's chalked up to being young and dumb. I look back on my younger years and every single one of those bad choices was preceded by a moment when I knew that that was the wrong path. But I followed society's lead instead of my instincts and got myself further and further into situations that I could have avoided if I'd only trusted myself. 

Problem identified but now we need to look for the solution. It's easy to say that we'll start listening to our intuition but by the time we come to this conclusion, our intuition is often so suppressed that it's difficult to hear that inner voice. 

What then if we revisited the original wound and started to heal that? What if we dug out that infection and acknowledged the inner voice to such a degree that it became as loud as the voice of the person next to us?

This is where we begin to need help though. How do you navigate through the hundreds of wounds accumulated over the years? How do you even start to isolate the wound that lies at the heart of the matter? 

What so few people realise is that it's not a quick fix. You can't heal those wounds overnight by going for a reiki session or a meditation. It takes work and this is where so many people give up and carry on with their self destructive paths. It hurts and it's hard and sometimes you feel as though you're falling apart or going crazy but eventually, with effort, you start to see the results. You realise that you inner voice is no longer a whisper and you realise that you're not making those crappy decisions any more. 

So decide today whether or not you want to do the work. Decide whether you're committed to a better, healthier life and relationships and then prepare yourself to get down and dirty with your soul. I promise you it's worth it.