21. May, 2018


There are those who say that religion is for those who are afraid of hell and spirituality is for those who have already been there. In some cases I agree but I tend to think this is a sweeping generalisation. As a very wise young man pointed out over the past few days, Christianity is merely a person's path in this lifetime and it's best to leave them on it. 

I think the same goes for all forms of belief. Mutual respect is crucial and if it's not possible then it's crucial to grow a thick skin and not allow other people pushing their beliefs on you to bother you.

I know of a young man who has recently found a spiritual home in an extremely conservative church after a youth filled with bad decisions. Kudos to him... he has found peace. Would he judge my beliefs and my way of life? Possibly but that's not my business. 

It comes right back to developing such a sense of peace within yourself that the judgement of other people and their opinions (which is really just a nice way of saying judgements) no longer matter. 

Every single one of us has been raised to be sensitive to what others think of us to a greater or lesser degree. Even if we are raised not to care about other people's opinions, that very act has made us aware of them. 

So here's my message for today... a spiritual home can be found anywhere. There doesn't need to be a book of rules for entry. There doesn't even need to be a deity to worship. True atheists have found their spiritual home too. They've found their sweet spot and they're content there. 

A spiritual home is exactly that... a home. It's a place inside yourself where you can take your clothes off and dance in the kitchen if you want to because you're so damn comfortable there. That is your refuge when the world becomes too much. If you find it in nature, a church or a mosque is irrelevant. What matters is that you find it. And like all homes, you don't build on and extend it into your neighbours garden. That's just rude.