22. May, 2018

From fear to purpose

I'm sure you've all heard it said that you create your own reality. I firmly believe that the reality we perceive is a product of our own creation. My question to you today is this... do you create your own reality or are you allowing the people around you to create your reality for you?

Quite a thought, isn't it? You see, every word spoken in our ears has the power to transform the way we perceive the world around us. It once again comes down to choice. Do we choose to allow those words to influence us or do we choose to take a step back and say, "hey, thanks for sharing that but what I see is different". 

Do you know when other people's words have the most power? It's when we are operating from a space of fear and insecurity. Once we step out of that space and back into the power of our own love for ourselves and all things around us, we are able to see clearly and assess situations ourselves. People's opinions cease to have power over our perception of our own lives. 

So that brings us to the question that's on many minds, "how do I get out of this space where fear and insecurity slow me down?" The answer is easy. Putting it into action is less so. You get out of that space when you connect with your purpose and the passion that sets your soul on fire. It's not a quick fix... nothing worthwhile ever is. 

No life coach worth their salt is going to expect you to keep a journal for a week and suddenly know what your purpose is and how to integrate it into your lifestyle. I'll tell you why... not only are the ways of finding your purpose as varied as the number of personalities in the world, but so often our purpose is hidden behind chunks of fear and disappointments and wounds that we have carried with us for many years. 

This is the beauty of helping people to connect with their purpose. It's hard slog but the amount of healing required and the amount of inner truths revealed on the journey make it all worth its weight in gold. This is my purpose, and dear gods I'm so pleased I found it.