22. May, 2018

Our stories

Have you ever wondered at the power material things have over us? It's something that's been on my mind as I sort through my mother's possessions. I look at the things she has collected over a lifetime and I suppose they tell a story. 

When we look past the monetary value of our possessions we realise that each one of them holds a memory. I have been gifted (or cursed) with the ability to "see" things when I touch an object so the memories are coming in thick and fast... not just my own either. It's a roller coaster ride!

Let's stay on topic though (considering I'm always telling my other half to stick to the story). Today's challenge is to take a good look around you at what you have acquired and find your story through those things. 

When I sit in my home and look at the things sitting there with me, it tells me a story of frenetic working hours and worry as I tried to accumulate everything required to live a life of comfort. If I'm to be honest though, these things also tell a story of loss, of terror, of lonely nights with nobody to listen to me. They tell a story of pride in my accomplishments, of determination but also of guilt.

When we look at the stories our lives paint, we need to understand that no life ever held perfection. No life was always happy. No life was without dark moments. And if we stare that in the face for long enough, we'll realise that those dark moments were also the moments of true grace. Those were the moments that our spirits ignited, no matter how tiny the spark was. Those were the moments that held the turning points and our greatest stories. 

As a youngster I could have told you stories of parties and boys and hilarious situations. As I grow older though, I'll sit you down beside a fire, pour you some wine and share stories with depth. I suppose that's how we know we've grown up... our stories change and they lose their prettiness. But in that loss, there is gain. We become well rounded human beings and our own sorrow allows us to feel compassion for others. Of course, as with all things, this is a choice. 

Was that last sentence unexpected? If it was, you haven't been following this page for long. lol

It's been said before and I'll say it again... you're going to go through crap. It WILL change you. But you get to choose how you allow it to change you. It can make you hard or soft. It can make you ugly inside or beautiful enough to light up the galaxy. Your choice. There is no wrong choice only what is right or wrong for you.