28. May, 2018

Two words

Two words today... BE KIND! People are so diverse and we forget that not everyone is like us. This goes beyond judging people for their life choices though and cuts to the core of the conversations we have on a daily basis. 

Not everyone is open about being in pain. So many people walk with the weight of the world on their shoulders and beautiful smiles on their faces. Not everyone tells you that they are facing problems that they don't know how to surmount. They just continue extending a hand to others when they need help. 

And here's where it gets tricky... our inability to accept help because we don't want to be perceived as weak can manifest in two ways (see? I'm not trying to force you to accept help). We can kindly decline with a smile and a thank you or we can lash out at the people who are trying to do what they can for us. And when those people are battling through their own anguish, those lashes cut deep. 

And here's where our feminine and masculine wounds come in. They're ingrained in us from childhood experiences but our daily interactions either deepen them, giving credence to all the awful things we believe about ourselves or they heal them, effectively proving to us that we are worthwhile human beings. 

Now, we shouldn't be looking for validation from other people but let's face it, we're human and there are times when other people's opinions do matter. So when someone we care about treats us in a way that causes pain, we slowly begin to become more guarded with that person. It eats into our relationships and we develop a lack of trust that those people we love will take care of our hearts. 

So next time somebody reaches out to you, no matter how clumsily, no matter whether it's exactly what you want, take the time to speak kindly. You don't know the battles they fight. You don't know what they aren't telling you. So err on the side of caution and BE KIND or keep quiet.