29. May, 2018

Waiting for love

Dating as we get older is a minefield. We live in an age where divorce comes easily and people move out of their marriages thinking that dating will be like riding a bicycle. It's not though, is it?

Once we get past the whole "where thehell do I find someone" phase and we actually meet someone who we like enough to go on a second date with, we hit a brick wall. 

We've moved out of the time in our lives where we look to build a life with someone and we are now at a point where we want to find someone who will fit in with our lives. And that is exactly where the problem rears its head. We can't expect others to just fit in unless they have had absolutely no life prior to the day they met us. 

Of course this is where compromise comes in. But it really takes more than compromise. It takes us pulling our heads out of our own backsides and realising that our needs are not the only important needs and that we are not the centre of the known universe. 

The bad news is that once we manage to reach this conclusion, dating becomes even tougher because we then need to find someone who has reached the same understanding. 

It's not all bad news though... when we come to that deep understanding of ourselves, we finally become ready to build a relationship with someone that meets our deepest needs. 

My point today is this... it may take a while, you may be lonely at times but once you know what it is you want, don't settle for anything less because I promise you, the person who you dream of is waiting for you to step into your power and attract them.