30. May, 2018

Beating the blues

So what about those bad days? You know, the ones we all have from time to time? It's those bad days that show us what we're really made of. And it's not because we plaster smiles on our faces and fight the good fight. There's a lot to be said for doing that but if that's what you do then you probably don't need my advice on overcoming bad days. 

Sadness, depression, anxiety... all very real, aren't they? And when they hit, we're sometimes crippled. Getting out of bed seems like an achievement. 

The bad days will happen. Hell, sometimes the bad days even start out good. The fact is, this comes down to resilience. We're allowed to have meltdowns. We're allowed to refuse to play in the sandpit for the rest of the day. Resilience is that little voice inside us that says, "Bugger it, tomorrow will be better". 

Of course we should live in the now. But sometimes when the now is really unpleasant, looking towards tomorrow and reaffirming what we want from our journeys is good motivation for getting through the unpleasant now. Chocolate cookies help too. 

That's all great advice, isn't it? Here's some better advice though. When you learn what drives you then you know exactly what action to take tomorrow to get through a truly crappy today. When you know what gives you a sense of accomplishment then it's easier to set your goals for tomorrow and turn a bad day into a day of hope. 

So identify what makes your soul sing. That is your greatest armour in the fight against bad days or even just slightly meh days. 

I know I have the promise of my soul singing tomorrow and I'm going to make sure it cranks out a tune today too.