5. Jun, 2018

Those around us

I was reminded of the saying today that we all have different paths to the top of the mountain and the only one wasting their time is the one running round the mountain telling everyone they're on the wrong path. 

Why do we, as humans, have this compulsion to convince everyone that our belief, taste in food, set of ethics, taste in music is right and theirs is wrong? And why, for the love of all that is holy, do those of us already marginalised because of our religion, sexual preference or anything else not get off the judge everyone bandwagon?

I think this comes down to us feeling that there is safety in numbers. That's why we have this herd mentality. That's why we tend to find comfort in being with people who are just like us. We feel that we're safer in a crowd. But if you're in a crowd that's going nowhere, you're still going nowhere. 

When I analyse it further (I like to track things to the beginning) it goes back to our childhood years. Our parents taught us to gravitate to people like ourselves. They taught us that birds of a feather flock together, if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas and that you're judged by the company you keep. It's all part of the wounds that we need to heal in order to live full, happy, satisfied lives. 

It's difficult to break conditioning that is so deeply ingrained though. It only comes naturally if you're driven by rebellion. Everyone else has to make a concerted effort to break that conditioning and embrace a new way of being. 

Is this maybe why we see so many people who never rebelled in their lives suddenly going hell for leather when they have a mid life crisis? Is it less a mid life crisis and more a sudden realisation that they are now running out of time to embrace a life of joy and diversity and meaning?

I think a mid life crisis is brought on by exacty that. Some buy a sports car and others have a spiritual awakening. Either one can hurt. You can't put mileage or lose value on a spiritual awakening though. But hey... buy a sports car anyway. I think it's probably more fun to feel like you're losing your mind in a Ferrari. 

Good lord! This post has gone everywhere! Focus, Anna. Here's my message... surround yourself with new experiences, people from different backgrounds and age groups. There is richness in diversity. When you focus on surrounding yourself with people who make your soul sing then I can guarantee you that when those life crises (whatever form they come in) will never be dealt with alone.