7. Jun, 2018


"The harder I practice, the luckier I get" - Gary Player

He's right, you know. As human beings we place so little value on things we don't pay cash for. Where did that come from? Think about it for a moment...

You pay to study towards a degree and it costs a chunk of cash. Generally you make damn sure that you hand in your assignments and you study for your exams. The harder you work, the better your results and the luckier you get. 

What about the things we don't pay for though? You meet someone special and fall in love and without expecting it, you have a relationship. You didn't pay for it so how do you place a value on it? Do you know how many people say to me that they don't think a relationship should be hard work?

Our relationships, family, friends, lovers hold more value than anything we pay for and yet we don't work to maintain them. We buy cars and make sure that they're washed and serviced and yet when people grace us with their presence, we don't want to have to work to maintain those relationships. 

Cars break down when we don't service them. Relationships break down when we don't pay attention. Let's take the analogy a little bit further. If your car constantly breaks down and gives you nothing but a headache, you sell it. If a relationship grants you no joy, you have every right to walk away from it too.

But, how about we first examine whether or not we have done what we should have to make that relationship work?

The bonds we have with the people around us are priceless. Sometimes they are going to need a little bit of attention. Sometimes, we'll need to tend them with a lot more care than usual to ensure that they grow and stay healthy. 

My message to you today is simple. Relationships, all relationships, are hard work. They're worth it. And the harder you work on relationships with the right people, the luckier you get, because those people are the ones who stand with you in the storms and sit with you in the darkness. So no more nonsense about not feeling you should have to work on a relationship. Do the work and reap the rewards. 

Your tribe is more valuable than anything else in your life. Take care of it. Nurture it. And enjoy it.