7. Jun, 2018

Feminine glory

National Women's Day is approaching and I'm starting to see all sorts of adverts for special events in my timeline. Do you know what surprises me? Every single one of these events showcases speakers who tell us how to change ourselves... to make ourselves better. It's about diets and exercise and make up and clothing. Okay, I know I shouldn't be surprised... but I still am. 

So here we are with a public holiday that was instituted to honour women who sacrificed and who made an impact on the communities we live in... and it's being reduced to feeding us that line of bullshit that we are imperfect and ugly and unlovable. It's an insult to my soul! So I'm going to pull up my soapbox and tell you what you really need to hear...

If you look in the mirror and see someone who isn't beautiful then you need to look again. Our beauty lies in our unique faces, bodies and souls. Our beauty is in the fact that each one of us is an original. Our beauty lies in the fact that we start with a blank canvas and paint our lives onto it. Every wrinkle is a brush stroke... every tear adds shading... every smile allows us to be seen in the most perfect light. 

You may not be a size zero but the only weight you should worry about is the weight of the burdens you lift off those you love. 

Your face may not have the perfect contours that the models all showcase but the most important contours are created when we leave our imprint on people's hearts by showing kindness and generosity and love. 

You are not flawed. You are perfection. It's time to start living that and to stop feeding the industries that allow us to feel as though we are worth less than we really are. 

If you wear make up, wear it because you enjoy it and not because you feel ugly without it. If you wear beautiful clothes, wear them because you love the fabrics against your skin or the artistry that goes into designing them. If you colour your hair, do so because you like change and not because you feel you have to hide the grey. 

It's time to pay tribute to the women who shape us, who support us, who make our worlds brighter. So for the next week, on my personal page I'll showcase one woman a day who makes my world a happier place. I challenge you to do the same.