7. Jun, 2018


We're told to be people of substance. What does that mean? Right, and what does it mean to you? And to you? And to you? I guarantee you that if I asked four different people that question, we'd have four different answers.

We all value different things in people. To some, a person of substance is an influencer. To others, it may be someone who is financially successful. To still others, it may be someone who has risen in their chosen career. And then others might view someone who gives tirelessly to the community as a person of substance.

What if you don't fit into any of those boxes? What if you don't fit into the boxes of people whose opinion you value? Does that mean that your measure of substance is diminished?

How do we measure substance anyway? 

Whether or not we are people of substance has very little to do with how others see us. It's all about how we view ourselves. And this isn't about self love. That's something different. 

Believing ourselves to be people of substance comes from a deep well of self respect, living according to our values and a strong sense of our contribution to the world around us. 

When we consider this, then it goes without saying that not everyone is going to appreciate what we do and who we are. Not everyone will respect us. Not everyone will see substance in us. 

Our values are all different and you can't force others to see you the way you want them to. All you can do is your best... as a human being, a parent, a sibling, a son or daughter, a friend, a partner. Those who see your substance will stay around and those who don't will distance themselves from you. 

So don't worry about the opinions of others. Just keep spreading your little ray of light into the world around you. You have work to do, soul contracts to fulfil... pleasing people is at the bottom of the list.