11. Jun, 2018

In competition with nobody

We are programmed to believe that there will never be enough for everyone. You don't believe me? Take a look at your everyday life... let me show you. 

We are forced into competition from a young age... at school, in sports and even when we look for mates. Not enough to go around... Really? Is there really not enough? We go to work and everyone competes for the same business. Not enough to go around... Again, really? 

Take a step back... you might not have excelled at sport but been brilliant at art or academics or acting or building friendships. What were you competing for? A medal? An Honours blazer? Great prizes but there are enough talents out there that everyone has something they are fantastic at. 

You finally met the man or woman of your dreams. Did you have to kill the competition? No... and even those who wanted the same person probably went on and found someone perfect for them. 

You might not land every contract at work but somehow there are enough opportunities to make money for the people who are willing to take the risks. 

My work is very much based in the esoteric world and I'll tell you this for free. There is no need for any of us, in this space, to compete. The right people go to the right healers/readers/sellers of stuff. 

I present workshops and courses on subjects that I have studied and worked with for years. I don't grab other people's ideas and try to make money out of them. There are those who do and their greed takes them out of a spiritual space and suddenly the find that Source no longer supports what they do. 

It's time for those of us who claim to be spiritual to wake up and realise that we are all pieces of the same puzzle. We need to share and help each other if we want the whole picture to be revealed. For this reason, I will refer people to others who may be better placed to help them and I know my fellow travellers do the same. 

I'm grateful for each of those people who support me and I'm grateful to be part of this amazing world. I'm grateful that there are others who are true to a high standard of ethical responsibility. I'm grateful that each step I take seems to be blessed. 

My message today? You do YOU! Do what you are best at and work your ass off at that and the Universe will respond. Don't watch what others are doing and try to do the same thing. Don't steal concepts from others in the hope that you will come out on top. The Universe responds to that too and starts to close doors. This applies in all walks of life. Keep your head down, work hard and help those around you and EVERYONE will thrive.