12. Jun, 2018

Love above all

You cannot help people with any depth if you have no love for them. How then do we help strangers who we haven't known long enough to know whether we love them or not?

A love for humanity in all its brokenness and messiness is essential for a healer. Empathy is vital when you want to work with people. And empathy is only possible when you look through the eyes of love. Empathy is only possible when you choose to step into another's shoes without judgement.

Sure you can cut cords, align chakras, talk the talk and give advice to anyone. I'm prepared to lay my head on a block though that you will be unable to make any real impact on a person's soul, on their view of the world around them without having love for them. 

Without love, all the things we do for others to assist with their healing, are just skills and words being thrown at them. Without love, all we'll want to do is contradict them and tell them how wrong they are. I've seen it happen and I've seen the reactions of the recipients. I've seen how people pull back and lose trust in the person speaking to them. 

Love is what opens the door to confidence in a person's willingness to allow someone deep enough within them to really help them heal. A feeling of being safe from judgement allows them to open the door further. 

You see, as healers, our job is not just to heal. That's what western medicine is for. Our job is to hold space for the person seeking help so that they can participate in their own healing. Our job is to recognise that the space we're holding is sacred and to treat it as such. It's not to impose our ideas on a person... it's to gently guide them to their own truth. Their OWN truth, not ours. A healer provides a vehicle for healing through love and empathy and those we heal, heal themselves through that vehicle. 

How much love do you hold for the seething mass of humanity that surrounds you? And I ask you, why would you want to help if you can't first love?