13. Jun, 2018


We're told not to react to situations and to just be. That's a good possibility if you're a monk in Tibet but the rest of us are just messy humans living as best we can. 

You're going to react to situations. It's the place within ourselves that the reaction stems from that navigates the course through the rest of the situation. I'm learning this more and more each day. 

If I react from a place of hurt then I hurt the people I interact with. If I react from a place of anger then chances are those I am dealing with will get angry too. What then, if I react from a place of love?

When we react from a place of love, we automatically seek to understand instead of judge. When we react from a place of love, the situation remains what it is and doesn't become personal. When we react from a place of love, we can't guarantee that the person on the other side is going to respond with love. We can however guarantee that we won't feel shame afterwards and that we won't have to apologise for the awful things we said. 

It's not my job to force other people to behave in a certain way. It's my responsibility to behave in such a way that others stop and ask themselves what is different. 

I may not be a monk in Tibet. I may not be an ascended master. I may not be a master of anything and my wisdom may be small. That doesn't mean that an ounce of my love couldn't change the entire life course of someone else. So given the choice, I have no choice. I will go out with love and touch every life I can. But I will start with the lives in my space because my people need love as much as everyone else.