17. Jun, 2018

At the end of the comfort zone...

Beautiful things happen when we step out of our comfort zones. Those steps might be terrifying but what they do to the size of our worlds is incredible. When we take a step out of the safe spaces we expand our vision and notice things and people we never would have before. When we no longer feel protected, we make ourselves vulnerable and those are the moments when people respond in kind. Those are the moments when we experience true depth of feeling. And holy crap! It's not very comfortable but the way it changes you is worth every bit of discomfort. 

I started Soulflight two years ago... and then stopped. I was scared. I was scared I wouldn't be able to put food on the table. I was scared people wouldn't respond to me. I was scared nobody would want my help. I was scared that they would want my help and I wouldn't be good enough. So off I went, like a good girl, back into the corporate world to get my soul shattered again. You'd think I would have learned the first time...

Over the past week, I've reached out to people who I wouldn't have had the courage to reach out to before. I've done things I hadn't tried before. Hell, over the past month, I taught workshops I was afraid to teach before because what if I wasn't absolutely, mind-blowingly brilliant?

And you know what? I may have been brilliant and I may not have been but the only way I can describe the feeling deep inside me is... you guessed it... brilliant! 

I may not be swimming in money but I know I'm making an impact. I may not be making an impact on every single human being on the planet but I'm making an impact on individuals. And all we can ever hope to do is touch lives on a scale that may be small to us but, on examination, is huge to the person whose life we have touched. 

The responses I've had from people have been unbelievable. The insights I've received have changed the way I view life... all from one week. And what really blows my mind is the way the Universe supports this. The more I do, the more I am given to do. 

So this week, take the plunge. Do the things you have been afraid of. Do the things you've put off for so long that you aren't even sure if they're still possible. Do them and watch how your world explodes into a million light years of being compressed into beautiful moments. Do it... because I don't want to celebrate alone.