18. Jun, 2018

Peaceful journeys

You can give one person a hug and it will mean everything to them until their last breath. You can give another person the world and they'll want to know why you didn't include the moon. Different people receive things differently... which shouldn't be a surprise.

How do we deal with that though? I don't care how evolved you are, it still hurts. It hurts because we're human and as much as we like to think our giving is selfless, it is never completely selfless. Sure, we don't want anything in return but we've been conditioned to want at least a small show of appreciation. 

And you know what? I don't think that's wrong. I think it's part of the human experience. I think that maybe even those who have ascended have a similar reaction. Think about how the Universe responds when you're not grateful for what you have been given. 

Okay good... that's been established. So let's look at our reaction. Not the reaction we have when we think things through, but that initial knee jerk reaction... anger? Disbelief? Frustration? Hurt? Possibly even all of the above. Once again, it comes down to our perceptions. We give what WE feel has value. If I give food to a homeless person it's because I know that if I was homeless, hunger would be a concern. Not everyone is going to value what you give. Some will value it more than you value it yourself. It's really the luck of the draw. 

So what do we do with that. I suppose we have choices, don't we? It can make us hard and ungiving. It can make us unsympathetic towards that particular individual. Or we can choose to carry on giving regardless because that is who we are or who we strive to be. 

If you take the third option then I suppose it's not really even worth addressing with the person who has hurt us. It's not going to change how we treat them and once we accept that the lack of appreciation is not about us at all but merely the journey they are on, then it's easier to just let it go. 

It's the same for many things in life. We expect others to be like us and they're not. Once we accept that the differences are absolutely okay, we find peace in those relationships. We no longer feel the need to change those people because we don't see their behaviour as inferior or unevolved. It just is what it is meant to be, at that moment, for that person. 

Peace doesn't come after conflict. Resentment comes after conflict. Peace comes from allowing those around you to do whatever they want without worrying about it. Peaces comes from knowing your journey and continuing along your path and allowing others to continue along theirs even if it leads them away from you. 

So today, allow yourself to just be. Allow others to just be. Don't force anything and don't worry about what others think or do. Your journey is beautiful. You deserve to travel your path in peace.