27. Jun, 2018

Two sides

I've become kinda fond of telling people that whether you drown in 10cm of water or 10m of water, the result is still the same. Actually, I think it's less about being fond of it and more because it's becoming so necessary.

There are two sides to this coin and I've had to address both of them in the past week. So let's see what comes up and feel free to share your opinions. 

There's a person in my life who will give her last five cents to someone in need but when someone helps her she feels she doesn't deserve it or that she's putting them out. I don't think that comparing circumstances is something we should ever do. Look at it this way... you help me out when a family member of mine dies. Does that mean you are only worthy of my help when a family member of yours dies? Does it mean that we should assign points to the severity of a situation and run a tally? 

My message here is this... strong people aren't used to needing help or even asking for it. Strong people definitely don't often find themselves on the receiving end of help because they are perceived as able to cope with anything life throws at them. That doesn't mean they're not worthy. It does mean that we, as strong women and men, need to break the habit of coping by ourselves. There is no shame in accepting help and no good friend or family member is keeping a tally. All they see is someone they love who needs something that they can give. Accept it as a gesture of love. 

Okay... other side of the coin. And this I will only say once. A tragedy is a tragedy. Injustice is injustice. I don't care if it's in your own backyard or on Mars, it needs to be addressed. All tragedies and all injustices. It's not about charity beginning at home. It's about humanity. It's about understanding that every victim is not just a person in a bubble... they are interconnected. They are part of a family, a circle of friends and tribe known as homo sapiens sapiens. 

Your sorrow is my sorrow. I don't care what colour your skin is, what language you speak or what nationality you are. I will feel your pain with you and I will speak when you don't have a voice. 

Let's never forget that all it takes for evil to flourish is for good men (and women) to do (or say) nothing. 

So today, let's love without limits. Let's reach out to those we are in a position to help and let's speak for those who have been silenced.