2. Jul, 2018

Human conditioning

Human beings are odd creatures! We always have some sort of dream of what a perfect life would look like and then when we get it, it's just not enough. So we start dreaming again. 

I know many of us have taken up the whole "attitude of gratitude" thing but how honest are we when we list the things we're thankful for? And do we actually take a moment to analyse each of those things so that we know exactly why we are grateful?

There's always an example, right? Here goes... when we're single we dream of having a loving relationship. When that relationship comes along, we get tired of the work it involves. We forget very quickly that we were the ones who wanted a partner. OR... we rent a house and dream of the day we will buy a home of our own. When we do, we bitch because it needs painting or the cost of maintenance is high. There's always something new.

The human condition is not one of gratitude. It's an attitude of need, of grasping for something new, of boredom. We're supposed to be spirit beings getting to grips with what it means to be human. So does that mean that we should just embrace everything, all the ugliness, that being human entails? After all, we're only human?

We ARE spirit beings and we do need to embrace what it is to be human. We also need to sit down with all that ugliness, identify it, accept it, love it and then transcend it. 

Listing what we're grateful for is a start but when it becomes a stock standard speech with no real feeling of gratitude behind it then it loses its meaning.

Why do we make gratitude lists anyway? Is it because we've been told that the only way to get more of what you want is to be grateful for what you have?

In that case, making a list is pointless. The Universe doesn't match our words, it matches our vibration and while you can speak a vibration into existence, rote reciting of lists is not going to change anything. 

Here's your challenge for the week... instead of trying to make a list of everything you're grateful for, how about you find one thing each day, rip it apart in your mind and really internalise WHY you're grateful for it? That attitude is going to change a lot of the way you feel about your surroundings... so give it a bash. Five days isn't too much to ask for a change to take place, is it?