3. Jul, 2018

In the dark

Why is it that we avoid our own darkness like the plague? It's almost as if our eyes burn when we turn inward to look at our own internal abyss. I suppose a lot of that has to do with conditioning and not just from our childhoods.

We open Facebook and our timelines are filled with either memes that make us laugh or happy happy joy joy posts that allow us to feel inspired and (let's face it) sometimes a little self righteous. Every second person you meet in these circles is either a lightworker or an empath. And gods! We're all trying to raise our vibration. Hell... I've even met people who call themselves ascended masters. Every person is trying to out-lightwork the next.

Did we all forget about balance? Did we forget about duality? What if I told you that there is a place for the darkworkers that needs to be filled? What if I told you that they have a purpose that no lightworker can fulfil and that we need them?

Horrified? Why? We're surrounded by duality - night and day, summer and winter, birth and death. Isn't it time that we accepted that duality in humanity?

Let's clarify before someone sends an exorcist. A darkworker is not someone who dabbles in evil. A darkworker is someone who is gifted in working with the shadow aspects. They aren't depressed, unkind, mean spirited or angry. They're like every single lightworker out there but their gifts are different. 

I've spoken so often about different people having different paths. This is exactly one of those paths that I refer to. And yet, people who call themselves open minded use the term darkworker as an insult. If only they understood that without the people who are willing to take on the shadow, their work would be that much harder. 

You know how they say that you can't get rid of an ugly aspect of yourself without acknowledging it and learning to love it? That's what darkworkers do. 

So maybe it's time we started accepting all people's paths and not just the ones we approve of. It's not our job to judge. It's our job to focus on doing our bit for the rest of humanity and we can only do that when we stop pointing fingers and start opening our minds.