5. Jul, 2018

Punting kindness

I worked in recruitment for close on twenty years and trust me, there are very few things worse than having to tell someone that their job application was unsuccessful. The only thing approaching that was telling someone their contract is being ended. I heard from someone tonight who has just been made redundant and who received the communication electronically.

It makes me wonder at the lack of humanity that seems to have become the norm. People avoid difficult confrontations simply because it's hard to deliver bad news. Do they ever consider how much worse it is to be the recipient?

How often though do we do this in our day to day lives? Do we shut up because we don't want to hurt someone? Is it better to speak out in the hope of helping someone? It depends on how we do it, doesn't it?

We can't strive to be people pleasers but we can at least try to be decent about it. We've become so hard that we forget that other people might not be that hard. We don't take into account that we don't know what goes on under the surface. 

There are so many factors at play. I remember getting a message from a Facebook group admin the day after my mother died wanting to know if I was sharing posts to the group because I was trying to attract business or just for the sake of it. The post was about my mother's death. If she'd read it, she might have interacted differently. I won't lie and tell you I wasn't hurt. I was. Even those of us who seem strong, those people who seem to have it together, those who help others, have moments where their worlds fall apart.

So let's try to remember to be kind. It costs nothing and means everything.