9. Jul, 2018

Just think first

There's a huge yawning crevice between speaking and speaking in such a way that your intention is understood. Our world's are filled with chatter and ye gods! They're filled with misunderstandings. 

How many of those misunderstandings are due to miscommunication? We speak to make our voices heard. We speak to air our opinions. We speak because it's healthy to speak our truth. 

How many of you have come across that saying about only being responsible for your words and not being responsible for how others take them? I call bullshit! It's a cop out. If you want to communicate a message, it is YOUR responsibility to take the time to check your words and make sure they are going to be understood according to your intention by your audience. If you're not prepared to do that then it is better to close your mouth. 

If you're talking it's because YOU want to communicate something. It only makes sense to then say it in such a way that the outcome of your conversation is favourable. It's not just about being kind, it's about striking a chord within someone's soul and delivering the message that you are someone who can be trusted with their own words. 

So take a minute to think before you speak. Your words are how people remember you and you can create memories that are beautiful or that break people. Take a minute because that feeling can last a lifetime.