12. Jul, 2018

Healing the past

How often have you been told not to live in the past? There's no denying that the present is where it's all happening but let's consider for a moment what happens when you don't visit the past to heal wounds.

If you break your leg, nobody tells you not to heal it. Nobody says, "hey, stop living in the past. You broke your leg 30 minutes ago. Just walk". A wound that continues to fester and affect the rest of our lives needs to be uncovered, sterilised and healed. 

Every single one of us carries a wounded soul but it takes such extreme courage to look at our lives and recognise the effects those wounds have and to actually decide to take the steps required to heal them. It's not an easy process. It's going to hurt like hell. You're going to relive the wounding. But once you've done all that, you have the freedom to then make decisions that aren't coloured by your own fear. 

For some of us those woundsin the past if the past keeps rearing its head. Make a decision today to revisit your past so that you can move fully into the present and truly live the life you choose.  are traced back to childhood and for others they are are recent. Some have multiple wounds and a very lucky few only have one. One thing is certain though, whether we realise it or not, we drag those wounds into the decisions we make. We repeat patterns because of them and find ourselves in a neverending cycle of pain. 

Let's face it, it doesn't help to tell people not to dwell in the past when the past keeps rearing its ugly head. Make a decision today to pay a last visit to the past so that you can truly move forward into the present and live the life you choose.