16. Jul, 2018


What an absolutely awesome weekend at Soulflight as we Birthed the Sacred Feminine and had the honour of watching some powerful healing take place and we had the next to last session of Into Darkness - Working with Chaos! 

One thing that came up over the weekend was our lack of a sense of community. As many of us embark on a more spiritual path we find ourselves isolated. There is very little support and this journey is one that often requires support. 

So how do we go about getting that sense of community back and why did we lose it in the first place? I have to take my hat off to organised religion here because their communities have always been strong. Maybe it was a good way to keep people part of them. The Pagan community also once had a strong support structure but I think that as people continue their journeys, they start to evolve past labels and no longer feel that a particular organisation is a fit for them. 

None of the reasoning solves the problem though, does it? We're still isolated. Some of us are lucky enough to have small circles of people we can call on but it still doesn't fulfil that very human need for a sense of true belonging to something bigger than us. I think it's that need that drives us to join causes and groups on Facebook and the like. It still doesn't fill that human shaped hole inside us.

In the corporate world, when we hit a problem we'd go back to basics. I think that's what needs to be done here. Instead of looking for other people who will accept us into their groups and organisations and communities, we need to be starting with ourselves. 

It's time to reach out and build our own sense of community. It's time to start to share of ourselves again without worrying about rejection. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the right people never reject you but they also don't always just drop out of the sky. 

So I'm going to come up with a plan starting with me and I'm going to extend it to all of you and hopefully we'll be able to build a community of our own which isn't just centred around online communication. It's time for us to come out of our caves into the sunlight again and feel that we're part of something beautiful. Watch this space!