19. Jul, 2018

Bad days

Ever have those days when you can't find inspiration? When you need to get your ass in gear but you can't find the clutch? What do you do with those?

I could tell you that the Universe is telling you to slow down or that it's Mercury Retrograde or something along those lines but the truth is, it's probably not. You're just having an off day. We all have them. The problem bounces in when an off day becomes an off week becomes an off month. Then you know you're in trouble and you need to do some searching. 

The first thing most of us do when we have an off day is we beat ourselves up about it. Can you imagine going to the doctor and listing your symptoms and getting a slap for each one? Why do we do the equivalent to ourselves though? A bad day is not who you are. A bad day is a symptom of something else. 

How about, instead of immediately turning to a knee jerk reaction of frustration with ourselves, we take a step back and look for the source of the issue? Did we have a rough night? Did we have an awful morning with our children not doing as they were told? Are there problems at work with a colleague? Are there problems at home with a partner? 

If we take five minutes to look at the source of the problem, we can take action (however small). Extra coffee... making a phone call to say, "I know things are rough but I love you", energy shielding against the colleagues who frustrates the hell out of you, or just looking at a photo and remembering why you actually do love your kiddies. 

Taking that tiny bit of action tends to give us a sense of achievement, a sense of a problem solved and that sparks activity and productivity. Frustration, on the other hand, sparks anxiety and irritability and leads to procrastination. 

It's a simple choice really. Go easy on yourself and take your bad days hour by hour instead of beating yourself up and chances are, they won't turn into bad weeks. Get frustrated with yourself and chances are your bad day will snowball. Told you it was simple.

So what do you choose for today?