22. Jul, 2018

Unconditional Love

It never ceases to amaze me how the people who claim goodness and guidance from God are the ones who don't understand the concept of unconditional love and not judging others.

Don't get me wrong. I'm completely fine with you not liking what I do or feeling that I'm not guided by the light. You're entitled to feel whatever you like about me. It's not a reflection of me, it's a reflection of you. I do however have a very real issue with you claiming to be guided by the light of unconditional love when you put conditions on the love you claim to give others.

This is where I draw the line. It's about honesty (much like my path) and I'm going to call you out on your bullshit if you're not completely honest. I don't care if what you say is offensive as long as it's honest.

You cannot claim to love unconditionally if you only love certain aspects of a person. You cannot claim to love unconditionally if you only love people who are on paths that run parallel to yours. Unconditional love is love without boundaries and it's not love from a distance either. You don't love someone unconditionally and distance yourself from them because they might infect you with their darkness. You open your arms, welcome them in and you learn.

You see unconditional love is about nothing so much as seeking to understand others. It's about looking at things from their viewpoint and understanding that they have every right to choose that path. You don't have to change your own path. Chances are, they don't want you to. You do have to open yourself up to not forming a judgement of what they do.

I taught my children not to hate what they don't understand. It's a lesson that humanity needs to learn. Different is not wrong. What is wrong is feeling people are inferior because they are different.