23. Jul, 2018

Molehills and mountains

Part of being resilient is learning to be flexible. Face it, you can plan everything down to the last detail but if something unexpected happens, all your plans are derailed. And that's absolutely fine. 

The problem is we put our heart and souls into the planning and lose our minds when something goes wrong. Our focus shifts from the desired outcome to the train wreck that we believe is our life in that moment. And what happens? We freeze.

I'm a planner. I'm a list maker too. I'm one of those people who moves house and knows exactly which cupboard gets packed on which day. Every box has a number and an inventory and every item has a place designated for it by the time I unpack. I've learned that those lists and schedules only give me an illusion of control though. And control is what all our plans come down to. Our lives are so big, the universe is so big that we need to feel that there is a small area where we dictate how things will happen. And that's when they fall apart. 

The Universe/Source/Spirit/God/Goddess knows where we need to be and it makes damn sure we get there when we're supposed to. I'm not saying that you should just relinquish all control. What I am saying is that when things go wrong, don't fall apart. Take a step back and look at your options that have emerged from the new circumstances. Try and get some perspective. Just maybe you're being led somewhere better than you imagined. Life is not about the accidents, big or small, that happen from time to time. It's about growing in joy and claiming your peace and your abundance daily no matter the circumstances. 

Shift your perspective and watch what happens to the picture.