26. Jul, 2018

It's not fair

Discrimination is a word that's thrown around a lot. It's a word we all know and that we've all used because the act of discrimination has been around literally forever. 

I've had cause to think of it this week. I've had cause to think of the general unfairness of life. Someone I know and love was asked to put his hood down on his hoodie on the Gautrain this past week. He had no problem doing it but spoke to me about the double standard in allowing women who cover to board the Gautrain without an issue. It's a tiny thing at face value but when you look at it, it's somewhat laughable really. 

I drove said person to the Gautrain station this morning. Here's something that struck me. We drove through poor neighbourhoods with heavy commuter traffic at 6am. There were people walking the sidewalks heading for work. We reached the wealthier neighbourhoods and saw very few people heading to work. We did see a bunch of people jogging and walking for exercise purposes though. The disparity between the two ways of life bothers me. I know for a fact that there are wealthy people out there who believe that the poorer ones don't work hard enough. I have to take my hat off to someone who'll leave home in the dark in order to put food on the table. 

I'm no communist. I get the capitalist system and I get that the poor will never leave us. I just wish there was less unfairness. I wish there was more equality and that everyone could really enjoy the fruits of their labout. Unfortunately we are heavily invested in a system that relies on those without voices to stay that way. 

So, as with most things that bother me, I'm looking for what I can learn from this. We've spent so long fighting for equality that we've lost sight of the fact that life is intrinisically unfair. Things aren't equal. They probably never will be. I'll always be on the side of the downtrodden but I also know that I chose my life lessons long ago and it is now my duty in this human form to learn them. 

I could focus for days on how unfair the world around me is or I can take a look around me and be grateful for the things that make me happy. I have so much joy in my life. There is always enough. I never want to be so poor that all I have in life is a fat bank account.