30. Jul, 2018

Hurting others

I don't know about you but I tend to be quite sensitive. I come across as tough and able to handle everything and I suppose I can. BUT, I take things to heart. Insults hurt. Maybe it's something that people think needs to be fixed but I see it as my gateway to being able to feel intense compassion for and empathy with others. So I won't be fixing it anytime soon.

Even though unkindness hurts me still, I've come to realise that very little of it is actually directed at me with consciousness and intent. Let me explain that because, at face value it doesn't seem to make sense. Of course the insult is directed at me. The malice behind it though is sub consciously directed back at the person delivering the insult.

Unkindness comes from a deep well of self hatred. Insults towards other people come from being absolutely terrified to look within and confront your own insecurities and shortcomings.

What I find so sad is that the insults and ugliness directed towards me because of the work I do, come from people who claim to be enlightened.

Once we realise where the nastiness comes from and if we allow ourselves to take a step back to assess it, there is no possible reaction except compassion. You see, when we take into account the depth of someone's pain and the difficulty of the journey that they will eventually have to face, we can't help but feel some of that unhappiness for them.

The hardest judgement is the judgement we eventually direct towards ourselves (Thank you, Kirsten). Self awareness is tough. It becomes tougher when we have to face the damage we have done in the past to other people.

Nobody said this journey would be easy. Nobody said it would be a straight path to nirvana. The least we can do is make it easier on ourselves and on others.