30. Jul, 2018


People wear so many masks. We fake it till we make it and very often we don't make it at all because we're so busy faking it that we forget to do the work that will allow us to not have to fake it. 

We live in a world of duality and that same duality seeps into our personalities. It's a general rule of thumb that the loudest person in the room is often the person who has the least confidence. They've learned that if they're loud then people think they're confident and it's easier to hide the lack inside. The person who is always extending a helping hand to others is often (not always) the person who needs the most help themselves. They don't want to ask though. 

I guess it's a lot like the saying about the cobbler's children never having shoes. 

Why do we wear these masks? And what would happen if we allowed our masks to drop? Examining the answer to these questions gives us a lot of information about how we perceive the world around us. It's less about us and more about what we see external to us. 

We don't wear masks to convince ourselves of anything. We wear them to convince others. The fact that we feel we need to convince other people tells us that we see the world as judgemental and harsh. And maybe it is. 

What would happen if the world actually wasn't that way though? And what would happen if the world was that way but it didn't matter?

When we make ourselves vulnerable by dropping our masks, two things will happen. People will respond with joy and recognition and love; and other people will respond with unkindness. It's not something that is in our power to change. What is in our power is how much merit we give people's reactions. 

I think it's worth dealing with the ugliness of the few in order to feel the love of the others. Those people are your tribe. Those people are the ones you spend your lifetime searching for. The others don't matter. They'll probably carry on being who they are until the end of time. It might hurt but the love of your tribe will heal your hurt. 

So drop those masks and dance like you're trying to make it rain. Trust me, what rains down on you will be beautiful.